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About Us

and skills
— all Italian

Denim returns to its core essence

Creativity, innovation and skills that are entirely Italian give life to a denim that returns to its core essence. This is the mission of Incotex Blue Division, a new brand in the industry, rooted in a heritage of expertise and tailoring.

Incotex Blue Division is the product of a virtuous collaboration between Incotex, the brand of the world’s best trousers born in the Venetian province in the early 1950s, and Giada spa, a leader in the production of luxury denim.

And it is from the combination of knowledge and craftsmanship, research and experimentation, good taste and avant-garde thinking that denim rises to meet tailoring, redefining its boundaries in the male wardrobe.

From 24/7 five-pocket models to trousers characterised by washes and refined textile engineering processes, for a wide range of different identities.

Incotex Blue Division